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      After the cooperation between the two parties, the cloud store can provide functions such as free product hosting, intelligent matching of commodity categories and attributes, one-click update of the whole network, etc., which can help to solve the problems of different platform standards, confuse watermarks, realize one-click synchronous update, and improve the computing speed.


      It is understood that multi-channel management platform research and development costs are high, a single brand is almost impossible to achieve. This is also the reason why the e-commerce brands represented by split silk choose the third-party management platform.


      Data show that cloud store is a set of e-commerce omni-channel management platform based on cloud computing technology, which helps e-commerce enterprises to manage platforms such as taobao, and suning in a one-stop manner, and realize synchronous management of products, orders and inventory. Price and other throughout the network. At present, there are more than 15 connected e-commerce platforms, more than 35,000 hosting stores and more than 60 million SKU products. The coverage of mainstream B2C platforms exceeds 20%.